Saturday, 9 August 2014

The Melbourne Café Collection: The Stables of Como

{Lemonade scones with jam + chantilly cream}

The next stop for The Melbourne Café Collection was none other than The Stables of Como, situated in gorgeous South Yarra. Nicknamed ‘The Stables’, we had been meaning to visit for yonks, and the end of midyear holidays deemed the perfect opportunity to have morning tea there with our closest pals.

The 160 year old Como estate boasts the national trust property, Como House, lush gardens, and this eloquent café. The historic site is vast, and we were easily tempted to explore the gardens before even stepping foot into the cosy and welcoming café itself; our rumbling stomachs told us otherwise though!

The Stable’s rustic counter is adorned with mouthwatering sweets and homemade delights; from traditional lemonade scones and jam donut muffins, to Noisette pastries and other goodies. The menu is full of delicious meals, ranging from breakfast to lunch, to suit all appetites and budgets (there’s even a customisable picnic that can be organised!).

We sat outside, with blankets over our knees, protected from the winter chill by café blinds. The interior is an elegantly rustic space, where the old stables once existed, and two long dining tables sit in the centre of the room, beckoning visitors to enjoy and indulge in the inviting menu.

All we can say is, if you’ve got a sweet tooth, or are simply in the mood for a scenic stroll around the gardens, it’s the ideal spot to waste the afternoons away.

{Jam donut muffins}

{Jars filled with delectable homemade treats}

{Bite-size salted caramel doughnuts}

{Lemonade scones with jam + chantilly cream}

{Caramel-filled doughnuts + jam donut muffins}

{Noisette pastries}

Stay tuned for more of The Melbourne Café Collection!

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