Thursday, 10 April 2014

Yet Another Apology...

Another apology is in order… It seems to be a bit of a recurring theme these past few months. We try to make a promise about posting frequently, yet it seems never to go to plan. Having said goodbye to the craziness of year 12, we thought the hectic weeks, busy days and heavy workload were behind us. We were oh so wrong! So, we must apologise profusely for the lack of content on the blog as of late. Our mid-semester break is so close we can almost taste it, so we’re looking very much forward to having a few days to unwind, catch up, and update Honey & Lulu (Chloe’s travel diaries are on top of the list!). If you can’t wait until then, head over to our Instagram to keep in the loop…


{Ponyfish Island} 

{DIY butterfly frames} 

{Deborah Lippman's 'She Bop' + 'Happy Birthday'} 

{Cupcake Central}

{Stripes + boyfriend jeans + Birks}





  1. This post has me absolutely drooling... I wish that a couple of those franchises could head over to Western Australia. The frozen yoghurt, ah! You guys definitely need apologise for NOTHING, I remember what it was like in first year uni. Crazy busy in terms of adjustment and assignments. Hope that you enjoy first semester break and have a well-deserved time of relaxation. Gorgeous post, thanks for sharing some snaps with us xx

    1. Oh Laura, thank you so much! Was so lovely to read your comment - really made our week, so thank you very much!

      Yes, it's been a bit crazier than we first anticipated, but we've finally settled in and are really enjoying ourselves!
      Thank you - it's so nice to just stop and sit down this week :)

      Thanks again; we're finally back with a few more posts this week - just put up my Venice Travel Diary!

      Hope you enjoyed a safe and Happy Easter, and have a good week Laura,
      C&S xxx