Sunday, 22 January 2012

Sunny Days

We couldn’t think of any better way to welcome summer back than with a few visits to the beach, late evening barbeques and watching the sun shimmer as it sets into a tired horizon. Summer is the absolute opportunity to live life in vibrant colour and this season’s produce never fails to deliver. Gorgeous prints, dainty fabrics, fruity scents and simple jewellery are all a perfect contrast to summer’s carefree lifestyle. We decided to make a jug of homemade Passiona to quench our Summer thirst, and this recipe is exactly what we were after; an icy cold refreshment that oozes the tastes and flavours of the warmer months. Served with raspberry ice cubes, this cordial is the ultimate Summer quencher!

{Our homemade Passiona}

{Fresh strawberries from the market}

{Light summer prints}

{Bright Revlon shades}

{Glasshouse Montego Bay miniature candle, Just Gorgeous silver hand,
Jolie + Deen daisy chain, Mocha coin necklace}

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